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DC Wheels

3M presents high quality depressed centre wheels to help meet all your grinding, blending, descaling, and finishing needs. The 3m range of depressed centre wheels is specially developed to handle the toughest of jobs and is result of 3m's superior R&D. besides the unique Cubrion products, we also have an offer the Type WA (White Aluminium Oxide) and type A (Aluminium Oxide) produts, for alloy steel and mild steel applications.

The Advantages and benefits of using 3m’s Depressed Centre Wheels


Cuts Faster
Cuts Smoother
Consistent Performance
No discoloration


Save time & money
Can do more number of jobs
Higher Production rate
Reduced maintenance cost of tools
Increased life of armature, bearings, etc reduced rejects

Depressed Centre Wheels

Lasts Longer
Lesser Wear-out
Lesser Wheel-change Time

Less abrasive cost
Reduces consumption
Save time & mone
Depressed Centre Wheels

Safe & Easy

No chipping
No Breakage
Less Vibration
No Face Run-out
Less Pressure while Grinding

More Operator comfort
Reduced Operator Strain
Accident-free Work environment
Easy to grind

Depressed Centre Wheels
Product Type
Stainless Steel (Cubitron Premium)
Alloy steel 
(White Aluminum Oxide)
Mild Steel 
(Aluminum Oxide)
Rigid Grinding Disc 4" #24 WA36 A24
  7" #24 WA36 A24

3MTM Green Corps TM
3MTM Green Corps TM
Green Corps grinding disc contain 3m’s patented Cubitron TM abrasive grain, an advanced ceramic aluminum oxide mineral, that features distinguished toughness, high stock removal, and anti-loading property. These type 27 depressed center grinding discs enable you to improve your production standards for grinding and blending on a wide selection of metals, especially on stainless steel.

Cubitron TM
Abrasive grain

When you see the Cubitron TM mark you are getting a sol gel mineral (fig.1) that sharpens as it wears. Intial grinding braks away small;l edges of the grain(fig2.) As grinding continues, micro fractures form (fig.3) which break off to create fresh sharp edges for continued fast cutting (fig4). This process repeats throughout grinding for long-term efficiency and full value for your abrasive investment.


White Aluminium Oxide (Type WA)White Aluminium Oxide (Type WA)
Type WA disc with its premium mineral enables a continuous and efficient cut throughout the life of the wheel. Its inherent construction with glass fiber prevents premature failure and ensures highest safety and long life. The Wheel is ideal for grinding, heavy deburring and stock removal applications. Available in 4” and 7” discs.

Aluminium Oxide (Type A) Aluminium Oxide (Type A)
Type A Depressed centre wheel is ideal for <Mild steel applications and is to be used at an angle of 5-10 deg subtended to the welded workpiece for a fast cut rate. Its smooth face ensures no runout  and a vibration free running thereby eliminating worker fatigue. Commonly available sizes are 4” & 7”.


Automotive Industry
Building & Construction
General Metal Fabrication
Iron & steel Industry
Ship Building
General Engineering


Grinding, Weld Removal, Burr Removal, Blending & Finshing surfaces, Cutting part removal before welding H Beam, Scale & weld removal on bridges & steel structures, beveling jobs, stock removal, flaw on flat surfaces, rust , paint & scale removal, crud Removal.

Safety Information
Improper use can cause product to break apart and may cause injury to operators and bystanders.
Take precautions as indicated below.

Exceeding maximum operating speed can cause product  to break apart and may cause injury.

Never EXCEED the maximum operating speed (MOS) on the product label.
Check the maximum operating speed of the product against the tool speed.

Abusive Operation can caus product to break apart and may cause injury.
Make sure no one is standing in front of the product when starting the tool.
Start grinder just off the work piece and always ease the product onto the work. Do not jam product into sharp edges.
Stop Immediately if vibration or wobbling occurs during use. Determine cause and correct before continuing.
Operate  Grinder with product inclined approximately 5-10 degrees from the work piece.
Grind depressions, moldings , lips and heavy molds with the grinder moving away from the workpiece and not into it.

Do Not store or rest the grinder on the product

Sparks and particles flying off the product can injure or cause fire

Remove Flammable materials from the work area.
Use the prescribed Safety Guard to deflect flying particles and sparks away from the face and body.
Wear Protection for eyes, face, hands and body.
Provide appropriate local exhaust. If exhaust ventilation is not adequate, wear approved dust protection to prevent inhalation of dust particles.

Incorrect storage could affect safety as well as product performance.
Ideal storage conditions: 15-27 C and between 35-50% relative humidity

Warning: grinding operations can be hazardous to operators and bystanders. Breakage could result in serious bodily injury if proper tool guards, protective equipment and clothing are not used. Grinding sparks and dust can also cause injury. Wear appropriate NIOSHH approved respirator.


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