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Compact Argon Gas Regulator:

Available in Models: ACCU FLO. Due to unique design, this regulator saves both Time and precious gas during flow setting. Compact in size, weighs very less. Regulator has inlet pressure guage which shows cylinder gas pessure. Outlet gas flow can be set accurately and quickly by rotating the knob with a click, which has preset flow readings marked.

Oxygen & Acetylene (Single Stage) Gas Regulators

Available in Models: SILVERLINE 4821 S/O, SILVERLINE 4822 S/A. Hot forged brass body for withstanding high pressure. Unbreakable moulded pressure adjusting knob. Large plenum chamber for stable flow. Unique profile rubber diaphragm. Self-adjusting safety valve. 2' (50 mm) dia, safety pressure gauge. Die cast bonnet of alloy material. ISI approved.

E-Range - Cutting Accessories - Oxygen & Acetylene (Single Stage )gas Regulators
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