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Exl Deburring and Finishing Wheels

A Complete selection designed to improve quality, lower manufacturing costs and increase productivity

Scotch-Brite™ Exl Deburring and Finishing Wheels :

3M Scotch -Bite Exl wheels can be used in processing many types of metals to create a uniform, burr-free surface in production and maintence operations. Use of them on portable power tools, bench motors, floor lathes and automatic or semic-automatic equipment to clean, deburr, blend, finish or polish all types of metals , composites or plastics.

Exl Deburring and Finishing Wheels


Wide Variety of applications:

  • Deburring: Stamped parts (ferrous, non-ferrous,special metals); aircraft components;surgical instruments; alumium extrusions; machined metal components.
  • Edge radiusing: Formed Wire; cutlery; aluminium extrusions; machined parts; jet blades.
  • Blending and finishing: Contours; grindlines; brazed surfaces; airfoils of jet blades; compressor shafts; control panels; nameplates.
  • Polishing: Gun barrels; valves spools; machined shafts; golf glub heads; other mchined parts proir to plating or other subsequent operations.

Smooth running
Smooth running provides greater operator comfort, safety and control... especially beneficial when working with valuable parts.

Cool running
Open web construction allows air to circulate across the work surface. This helps prevent over heating that causes discoloration and warping of thin and delicate materials.

Long Life saves money

Extensive Customer tests show that EXL wheels last much longer than other non-woven products while maintaining consistent performance and uniform wheel wear. More Production parts per wheel means money saved.

Factors Affectting Performance
Recommended Operating Speed (SFPM)
Decorative Finishing 500-3,000
Composite/Wood Sanding 1,200-2,700
Cleaning & Conditioning 2,000-5000
Prepolishing 2,000-7,000
Blending/Polishing 6,000-8,0000
Cutdown prior to buffing 7,000-8,500
Oxide Removal 4,500-6,500
Deburring 5,000-6,500

Product Selection Guide

Hard-starting point for deburring and blending
Harder-Production efficiency with improved life
Hardest-automatic and semi-automatic equipment
Good for deburring applications with fine finish equipments. 8S Fine 8S Fine 8S Fine
This aluminium oxide wheel is designed for faster cut rate with a medium finish for deburring applications 8A Medium 8A Medium 8A Medium
When silicon carbide mineral is preferrred, use this wheel for large burr removal. 8S Medium 8S Medium 8S Medium
Designed for heavy burr removal.
Suitable for automatic equipment
9S Fine 9S Fine 9S Fine

Scotch-Brite™ Exl Unitized Deburring Wheels :
  • 3M Scotch -Brite EXl unitized wheels are excellent for deburring and polishing all metal alloys, and many composites and plastics. They are specially designed to minimize heat buildup on the work surface.

    Wide Variety of applications:
  • Wide range of densities and grades for use on a variety of jobs from deburring precision threads to polishing welds. See chart at right for complete list of product availabilitty.
  • Use with appropriate mounting hardware on portable tools for large work areas.
  • Many applications for aerospace, automative, electronics and medical instrument manufacturers.

Cool runnning
Operators can apply more pressure to these wheels because they are less sensitives to heat buildup at the work space.

Clean and Safe
Synthetic fiber and resin construction eliminates loose flying wires commonly associated with wire wheels. And, they are cleaner to use than buffs and compounds.

Recommnded Starting Points:

  • Weld Cleaning: 2A MediumEXL unitized to remove discoloration around the weld seam.
  • Finishing Threaded Parts: 2S Fine EXL unitized to contour to shapes and fine finish surface areas.
  • Turbline blade polshing: 4S fine EXl Untilized wheels to finish edges and blend tight corners.
  • Metal Stampings:8A Medium EXl unitized wheels to knock off burrs and smooth edges.

    Density EXl unitized wheels
    Use 2 or 3 density EXl unitized wheels in place of wire brushes or abrasive filled brushes for fast, aggressivce finishing and deburring. They're comformable enough to deburr precision threads or close tolerance parts (gear teeth, surgical instruments ).
Scotch-Brite™ Exl Unitized Deburring Wheels
Wheel Color Lettering
2S FIN Gray Purple
2S VFN Gray Maroon
2A MED Gay Black
2A XCRS Brown Green
3S FIN Gray Hot Pink
3S FIN Gray Pink
4A FIN Tan Blue
4S FIN Gray Green
6A FIN Tan Blue
6S FIN Gray Green
6A MED Tan Red
6A XCRS Brown Green
8A MED Tan Red
8A CRS Tan Orange
8A XCRS Brown Green

Densities: 2 to 8. The softest, most flexible wheels are 2 density. 8 density wheels are the hardest. Refer to PL-182 for detailed listing.
Size Availability: Widths 1/8"-1"; Diameters 1/2"-14".
2 density product not avialable in 1/8" width.

Maximum Operating Speed
Wheels must be operated at or below specified maximum operating speed (M.O.S.).

Replace these conventional Products:
  • Steel Wool
  • Hand Files
  • Carbide Burrs
  • Catridge rolls
  • Sand blasting
  • Wire Brushes
  • Tampico and bristle brushes
  • Buffs and compounds
  • Rubber bonded wheels
  • Set-up wheels
Roloc ™ EXL Unitized Wheels
3M Roloc unitized wheels are srong and efficient for edge deburring and finshing. They perform well in a variety of metal working apllications and machined parts where close tolerances are important. changing unitized wheels is quick and easy with Roloc TS, or Roloc + holding Systems.
Roloc ™ EXL Unitized Wheels

Wheel Color Lettering
2S FIN Gray Purple
2A MED Gay Black
6S FIN Gray Green
6A MED Tan Red
8A MED Tan Red
8A CRS Tan Orange

Size availability: 2" and 3" diameters.

Maximum operating Speeds (RPM)

Diameter RPM
2" 22,100
3" 15,100


Introductory Packs
A Convenient introductory pack of assorted Roloc EXL unitized wheels lets you decide which product is right for your job.

Product Contents
987S UPC# 048011-17181-4
Roloc EXL Unitized Wheels -2" Diameter:
  1Ea.2A MED Roloc+Holder
  1Ea.2S FIN 1Ea.No.1
  1Ea.6A MED  
  1Ea.6S FIN  
  1Ea.8A MED  
  1Ea.8A CRS  
Product Contents
998S UPC# 048011-171821-1
Roloc EXL Unitized Wheels -3" Diameter:
  1Ea.2A MED Roloc+Holder
  1Ea.2S FIN 1Ea.No.1
  1Ea.6A MED  
  1Ea.6S FIN  
  1Ea.8A MED  
  1Ea.8A CRS  

Other introductory packs are available. Contact your Abrasive Systems Division sales representative or distributor for further information.

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