Fibre Jointings

FYSAX AMJ 535 Ultra

Quality Nomenclature

FYSAX AMJ 535 Ultra

Product Description

A superior grade of jointing made from carefully selected chrysotile asbestos fibres and heat resisting compounds. Provides excellent service against extreme temperature and pressure conditions. Although, primarily a steam jointing, it satisfies a variety of service parameters.

FYSAX AMJ 535 Ultra

- Available in Red, Graphited, Green and Yellow finishes
- Nonmetallic

Recomm. Max. Temperature: 550C

Recomm. Max. Pressure : 150 Kg/cm2

Specification Compliance
BS.1832/1991 Grade A
IS:2712/1979 ,Grade W/1
IS:2712/1998 ,Grade W/1

Recommended against high pressure super heated and saturated steam,gases,alkalies,weak acids,oils,solvents,alcohols and most chemicals.

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