Fibre Jointings

FYSAX AMJ 545 Ultra Metallic

Quality Nomenclature

FYSAX AMJ 545 Ultra Metallic

Product Description
A superior grade of jointing, reinforced with FINE MESH STEEL GAUZE. The special construction provides excellent seal under pulsating or rapidly fluctuating pressure conditions, eliminates physical breakdown and contributes towards bolt torque retention.

- Available in Graphited finish only.

FYSAX AMJ 545 Ultra Metallic

Recomm. Max. Temperature :600C
Recomm. Max. Pressure :180 kg/cm 2

Specification Compliance
BS.1832/1991 Grade A (for base material,i.e without steel mesh)
IS:2712/1979 ,Grade W/1(reinforced)
IS:2712/1998 ,Grade W/1(reinforced)

Recommended against most gases and fluids except acids, under high pressure and vibrating conditions. Specially recommended for sealing high pressure steam pipelines where the design provides narrow flanged joints. Is extensively used for gasketing in combustion engines and air compressors.

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