Milling Cutters:

Milling Cutters

Range introduction:

Suitable for RH cutting with Tool type N, the cutters are available in various diameters and manufactured in different grades of High Speed Steel for greater efficiency. Cutters conforming to individual requirements, in intermediate diameters, are also supplied against specific orders.
The Range:


  Cylindrical Cutters 
  Side And Face Cutters 
  Single Angle Cutters 
  Double Angle Cutters
  Equal Angle Cutters
  50 Degree Shell and Single Angle Cutters
  Face Cutters
  Slotting Cutters
  Key Way Milling Cutters
  Hollow Mills
  Convex Milling Cutters
  Concave Milling Cutters
  Single Corner Rounding Cutters
  Double Corner Rounding Cutters
  Rotary Tooth form Cutters
  Parallel Shank Slot Milling Cutters
  Taper Shank Slot Milling Cutters
  Parallel Shank Slot Drills
  Taper Shank Slot Drills
  Parallel Shank End Mills
  Taper Shank End Mills
  'T' Slot Cutters With Parallel Shank
  Dovetail Milling Cutters
  'T' Slot Cutters With Tapers Shank
  Woodruff Key Slot Cutters
  Countersinks 90 Parallel & Taper Shank
  Counter Bores Parallel & Taper Shank
  Countersinks 90, 80, 60 & 120 Parallel & Taper Shank
  Tapered Die Sinking Cutters
  Screwed Shank Slot Drills
  Screwed Shank End Mills

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