Our Founder
  • To offer the widest possible variety of quality products, satisfying even the most discerning of clientele, at competitive prices.

  • We offer the widest array of high quality products, benchmarked against the best available in markets. We constantly strive for high standards of service delivery ensuring our commitment of working hand in handwith our customers, for their growth.


Mr.Tahir Ali Mullah Abdul Hussien Vagh

A true visionary in every sense of the word, Mr. Tahir Ali Mullah Abdul Hussien Vagh ‘s founding principles continue to guide the remarkable success story of IES to this day. His pioneering ideas have enabled IES to achieve market leadership within a remarkable short span of time.

His untiring toil and never say die spirit coupled with his inherent dynamism saw IES attain dizzy heights of success. For him the benefit of customers comes first and last. A towering personality and a natural leader , the entire industry looks upon him for inspiration.

His unmatched business acumen is instrumental in IES seeing success after success.

Mr. Abbas T Vagh

Mr.Abbas T Vagh  epitomizes the hardworking and enterprising spirit of Coimbatore, a city renowned for its entrepreneurs. A stickler to work ethics , his incredible ideas have been the fruition of his experience in different facets of business.

His eye for detail is amazing and IES owes its remarkable growth story to his foresight. Mr.Abbas T Vagh leads by example and his infectious enthusiasm has rubbed off to the entire team at IES.

An organized thinker, he continues to be an inspirational figure. His passion for constant innovation and customer –centric service has seen IES make rapid strides in recent times. His wonderful business sense, continues to guide the financial destiny of IES , to success after success.

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