Reamers :


Range introduction:

Available in wide range of diameters and manufactured in different High Speed Steel grades to suit your specific reaming operations, the reamers provide perfect accuracy and optimum surface finish. Reamers are normally supplied with straight flutes or helical flutes for RH cutting. Also, non-standard or special reamers are manufactured against specific orders. Other general requirements are maintained according to IS : 5443 - technical supply conditions for high speed steel reamers.

The Range:

  Parallel Hand Reamers
  Long Fluted Machine Reamers
  Parallel Machine Reamers
  Chucking Reamers with Parallel Shank
  Chucking Reamers with taper Shank
  Machine Jig Reamers
  Shell Reamers
  Parallel Shank Socket Hand Reamers
  Taper Shank Socket Reamers
  Hand Taper Pin Reamers
  Machine Taper Pin Reamers
  Machine Bridge Reamers
  Hole Mills Unguided - Type A
  Hole Mills Guided - Type B
  Taper Pipe Reamers

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