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Roloc Discs

All of you ever need for your grinding, cleaning and finishing job

3MTM777 RegalliteTMPolycutTM RoiocTM Discs for grinding and blending Roloc Discs
Regalite Polycut discs are ideally suited for grinding and blending high nickel alloys and stainless steel as well as other metal. These discs feature 3M's Patented Cubitron Ceramic aluminium oxide mineral that beats both aluminium oxide and alumina-Zirconia discs in toughness and permonance.

In most cases, these disc will significantly increase the stock removal rate compared to conventional aluminium oxide discs. Plus, regalites Polycut discs resist loading and provide a cooler cut than other discs of comparable grade.

Scotch-Brite TM RolocTM Surface Conditioning Discs for cleaning, finishing and grindline conditioning
Roloc Discs
Surface Conditioning discs provide fast, aggressive surface conditioning action without undercuttting or gouging the surface.
They are conformable to help provide consistent high quality surface preparation and finshing over a large surface areas on flat or irregular shape. Use of them for cleaning rusted surfaces, removing coatings conditioning grindlines, blending milling msmatches, polishinng welds and deburring. You get a smooth, clean, burr-free surface every  time.

Roloc TM Coating Removal disc for all Your cleaning Jobs.
Coating removal Disc features Our Popular Clean N strip TM Web with a Roloc button attached. this rugged open web is virtually non-loading to make surface preparation faster and easier. They are excellent for cleaning welds and removing tough castings, adhesive and rust. They are comfortable sothere is less chance of undercutting or gouging. the open web is non-metallic and so it will not contaminate the surface with the metal residue. Coating Removal Discs are a good alternative to wire brushes and hand scrapers.


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