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  Ador Welding
    Welding Power Sources
      AC Arc Welders
      Welding Motor Generator
      Diesel Engine Driven Welding Sets
      Welding Rectifier Sets
      MIG/MAG Welding Outfits
      TIG Welding Outfits
      Submerged Arc Welding Outfits
    Cutting Equipment Accessories & Spares
      Cutting Equipment
      E-Range - Cutting Accessories
  Abrasive Finishing Tools
    Dynastraight Tools
    Dyninger Tools
    Dynisher Tools
  Abrasive Belt Tools
    Dynabelter Tools
    Dynafile II Tools
    Dynafile III Tools
    Dynafile Tools
    Dynangle II Tools
    Dynangle Tools
    Electric Dynafile Tools
    Mini-Dynafile II Tools
    Take-About Sander Tools
    3M Coated Abrasives
    Carbide BurrsDiamond Wheels
    Dynabrade Brand Belts
    Dynafine Abrasives
    Orbital Abrasives
    Orbital Sander Abrasives
    Roto Peen Flaps
    Scotchbrite Abrasives
    Stockade File Abrasives
    Air Supply Accessories
    Auto Accessories
    Buffer Polisher Pads & Acces
    Carbide BurrsDiamond Wheels
    Cloth,Cotton, Wool Blts & Whls
    Conversion Pads
    Couplers Plugs
    Disc Sander Disc Pads
    Do it yourself market items
    Downdraft Tables
    Dry/wetsander/Buffer Disc Pad
    Dynabug Model "T" Sander Pads
    Dynafine Detail Sanding Pads
    Dynafine Finger Sander Platens
    Dynaline Dynabug (II) Sandpads
    Leveling Jacks
    Mini-dynorbital Disc Pads
    Pad Hardware
    Pneumatic Wheels & Acces
    R. O. Channel-Vac Sanding Pads
    R. O. Sanding Pads (Rubber)
    Random Orbital Sanding Pads
    Sanding Head Assemblies
    Tune-Up Kits
    Vacuum Accessories
    Vacuum Complete Machines
    Miscellaneous Hardware
  Buffers and Polishers
    Automotive Dynabuffers
    Mini Orbital Sanders
  Die Grinders
    Die Grinders
    Pencil Grinders
  Disc Sanders
    Disc Sanders
  Drills and Specialty Tools
    Dynadie III Tools
    Dynascaler Tools
    Not Setup
    Stockade Tools
  Dynabrade Red
    Dynabrade Red
  Gear-Driven and Finishing Sanders
    2-Hand 5-6-8-11 Gear-Driven
    Dynabug II Sanders
    Dynabug Sanders
    Dynafine Sanders
    Dynaline Tools
    Dynalocke Sanders
    Model T Sanders
    Cut-Off Tools
    Depr Ctr Whl Grinders
    Type16-19 Cone, Plug Grinders
    Type 1 Wheel Grinders
  Motor Parts
    1 HP Motor Parts
    2-Hand 8 inch Machine Parts
    Dynafine Machine Parts
    Dynaswivel Parts
    Dynorbital Spirit Part
    Pencil Grinder Parts
    Virtubrade Machine Parts
    Wet Orbital Machine Parts
  Not Applicable
    0.5HP Motor Parts
    Downdraft Tables
    Leveling Jack Parts
    Pad Hardware
    Pneumatic Wheels & Acces
    Vacuum Accessories
  Random Orbital Sanders
    2-Hand 5-6-8-11 R. O. S
    Dynorbital Spirit Sanders
    Dynorbital Supreme Sanders
    Elec Orbital Sanders
    Mini Orbital Sanders
  Stationary Machines
    Stationary Machines
  Wet Sanding Tools
    Model "T" Sanders
  Hindustan Composite
    Fibre Jointings
      FYSAX AMJ 321
      FYSAX AMJ 341
      FYSAX AMJ 391 Special
      FYSAX AMJ 410 REFRIG Extra Special
      FYSAX AMJ 411 Avion Extra Special
      FYSAX AMJ 429 Oil Extra Special
      FYSAX AMJ 535 Ultra
      FYSAX AMJ 545 Ultra Metallic
    Gland Packings
      FYSAX AMP 31
      FYSAX AMP 32
      FYSAX AMP 51
      FYSAX AMP 83
      FYSAX AMP 100
      FYSAX AMP 122
      FYSAX AMP 123
      FYSAX AMP 131
      FYSAX AMP 205
      FYSAX AMP 360
      FYSAX AMPT 700
      FYSAX AMPT 702
      FYSAX AMPT 732
    Chain Pulley Blocks
    Hand Hoist
  Tiger 2000
  3M Abrasives
    DC Wheels
    Green Corps
    Cut Of wheels
    Exl Deburring Wheels
    Exl Finishing Wheels
    Roloc Discs
    Twist Drills
      Parallel Shank Twist Drills - Jobber Series
      Parallel Shank Twist Drills - Stub Series
      Parallel Shank Twist Drills - Long Series
      Parallel Shank Twist Drills Extra Long Series
      Taper Shank Twist Drills With Standard Shank
      Taper Shank Twist Drills With Oversize Shank
      Taper Shank Twist Drills - Long Series
      Parallel Shank Core Drills
      Shell Core Drills
      Center Drills
      Sub land Twist Drills
      Taper Shank Twist Drills - for Taper Pin Holes
      Parallel Hand Reamers
      Long Fluted Machine Reamers
      Parallel Machine Reamers
      Chucking Reamers with Parallel Shank
      Chucking Reamers with taper Shank
      Machine Jig Reamers
      Shell Reamers
      Parallel Shank Socket Hand Reamers
      Taper Shank Socket Reamers
      Hand Taper Pin Reamers
      Machine Taper Pin Reamers
      Machine Bridge Reamers
      Hole Mills Unguided - Type A
      Hole Mills Guided - Type B

Taper Pipe Reamers

    Milling Cutters
      Cylindrical Cutters 
      Side And Face Cutters 
      Single Angle Cutters 
      Double Angle Cutters
      Equal Angle Cutters
      50 Degree Shell and Single Angle Cutters
      Face Cutters
      Slotting Cutters
      Key Way Milling Cutters
      Hollow Mills
      Convex Milling Cutters
      Concave Milling Cutters
      Single Corner Rounding Cutters
      Double Corner Rounding Cutters
      Rotary Tooth form Cutters
      Parallel Shank Slot Milling Cutters
      Taper Shank Slot Milling Cutters
      Parallel Shank Slot Drills
      Taper Shank Slot Drills
      'T' Slot Cutters With Parallel Shank
      Dovetail Milling Cutters
      'T' Slot Cutters With Tapers Shank
      Woodruff Key Slot Cutters
      Countersinks 90 Parallel & Taper Shank
      Counter Bores Parallel & Taper Shank
      Countersinks 90, 80, 60 & 120 Parallel & Taper Shank
      Tapered Die Sinking Cutters
      Screwed Shank Slot Drills
      Screwed Shank End Mills
    Screwing Tapes
      Hand & Short Machine Taps
      Hand Taps - BSW and BSF
      Hand Taps - UNC and UNF
      Long Shank Machine Taps
      Nut Taps ISO Metric Threads
      Nut Taps - BSW and BSF
      Nut Taps - UNC and UNF
      Hand Taps BSCY Form and BS Conduit Form
      Parallel Pipe Taps - BSP and NPS
      Taper Pipe Taps - BSPT and NPT
      Tapers Pipe Taps (NGT)
      Nut Taps - NC and UNC
      Dagger In roll Taps
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