Welding Power Sources :

AC Arc Welders

Air Cooled RED Series:

Available in Models: RED 401 & RED 501. Extensively used for light, medium and heavy purpose structural work, machine building and fabrication work. These machines are also used as power sources for Gas Tungsten arc welding (GTAW) of aluminium, magnesium and their alloys.

Ac Arc Welders-Air Cooled Red Series

Air Cooled TPA Series:

Available in Models: TPA 303 & TPA 403. Welding current regulation by modern moving core magnetic shunt design. Stepless, smooth and infinitely variable current regulation. Adjustment of welding current possible even while welding is in progress, enables fine current control. 'Open-delta' connection design enables transfer motion of 3 phase input into single phase output. Adequate open circuit voltage for all general purpose AC and AC/DC electrodes. Compact in size and light weight.

An Arc Welders-Air Cooled TPA Series

E-Series Transformers

Available in Models: E-WELMAC - 150/190/151/191. Reliable, dynamic output characteristics throughout the entire welding range. Infinitely variable current regulation through sturdy and smooth moving core mechanism. Adjustment of welding current is possible while welding is in progress. Natural air cooled transformers. Power On/Off switch. Compact and lightweight.

An Arc Welders-E-Series Transformers

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